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Referral Discount
Good friends always shares the benefit. And we have something for good friends like you. Refer HKAWC to your friends or classmates and get instant discounts. On each referral that provides us order you will be eligible for 3% discount. You can get up to 30% discounts off. Please remember that your Referral must provide your name or ID at the time or order.

Seasonal Discounts



Round the year we provide surprise discounts to our customers. Our seasonal discounts are limited time offer and can be of any % of discount at any time of the year.

Bulk Order Discount

Special discounts for our loyal customers up to 30% for bulk orders
More work more discount. We always take care of our clients who provides us the work in bulk. The more pages you order the more discount you will receive. Save more by ordering in Bulk

3% off for each order

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